Thank you for your interest in our products and services. It is always a pleasure to provide the best of our effort to others.

Below are the rates for the services we currently offer:


Services Pricelist
Product/Service Price
Vocal Recording*
  • Standard Recording
  • With External Instrumental

  • K300
  • K150
Mixing & Mastering K250
  • Standard Lease
  • Premium Lease

  • Ultimate Lease
  • Exclusive Rights

  • K200 ($20)
  • K300 ($30)
  • K350 ($35) w/out Vocal Tag
  • K500 ($50)
  • K600 ($60)
Logo Design K300**
Poster/Flyer Design
  • Online Poster (All Sizes)
  • A4
  • A3
  • Larger

  • K300
  • K150**
  • K250**
  • K300**
Song/Album Art K250
**Base charge + 2 free edits after. Further edits are K50/hour.
For enquiries contact us here, or send us an email.

Beat Licenses

Premium Lease

  • High quality MP3 and WAV File
  • Vocal tagAdditional K50/$5 Removes tag
  • Kry8v Media maintains ownership
  • Must credit the producer

Standard Lease

  • High quality MP3 File
  • Vocal tag
  • Kry8v Media maintains ownership
  • Must credit the producer

ultimate Lease

  • High quality MP3, WAV and Multitrack Files
  • No vocal tag
  • Kry8v media maintains ownershipIf exclusive rights are purchased, the buyer retains rights to the beat.
  • Must credit the producer