Story Time

Kry8v Media, pronounced creative media, is a media group that pursues creativity in the creative arts; including music and music production, photography, graphics design and web design.

Our aim is to provide the best quality services and products and also provide clients with access to the best products and services out there.

Our motto, Infinitum Ignis Imaginatione, which is Latin for Ignite Infinite Imagination, simply guides us as we pursue our craft. It helps us remember that we were created awesome by an Awesome God and should therefore put our all in all that we do.

Audio Services

For those that want to be heard:

  • Instrumental Production
  • Vocal Recording
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Full Song Production

Visual Services

For those working on a project and need to let the world know it when they see it:

  • Poster/Flyer Design
  • Logo Design
  • Song/Album Art Design

Our prices for these services can be find here. Please feel free to contact us for more information and/or enquiries.